United States Ceramic Tile Company has long been committed to offering new and innovative technologies to create products that address customer needs and meet emerging market requirements.  To address changes in the market, United States Ceramic Tile went through a major transformation that directed the brand to a larger commercial focus. The company has built a portfolio of products that includes a new wall and coordinating floor tile, porcelain floor tile, and in 2017 launched a line of sanitaryware products.

Company History

United States Ceramic Tile was founded in 1913 as United States Roofing Tile Company. In 1916, the company shifted its focus to the manufacturing of 6” square extruded red-quarry tile and by the mid 1920’s began glazing the tiles. In the 1930s, the company invented and patented the process of manufacturing glazed rivot-backed ceramic tiles for vehicular tunnels. During the 1960s, the company pioneered research that led to the development of the first fast-fire™ roller-hearth kilns, the same type of kilns which are used today to manufacture many ceramic products.

In 1999 the Roca Group, a leading manufacturer of sanitaryware and tile products, acquired United States Ceramic Tile Company, and today its corporate headquarters are located in Miami, FL. This acquisition expanded the company’s opportunities by enabling customer access to a wide array of ceramic and porcelain floor & wall tile products, and most recently a sanitaryware portfolio.

Technology & Investment

United States Ceramic Tile Company’s manufacturing technology creates products of the highest quality in both innovation and design.  The company has made significant investments in new product development by expanding its line to include glazed and double-loaded porcelain products as well as a complete line of wall tile products that are in line with today’s design trends. In addition, thanks to the expertise in the manufacturing of vitreous china products of its parent Group, Roca, the brand has developed a portfolio of bathroom products including toilets, sinks and bathroom accessories.